The Company recognizes that the health, safety and environment, and well-being of our employees are a high priority in our daily operations. To facilitate such activities, we will comply with all government mandated rules and regulations and cooperate with any governing agencies as they apply to the activities in our workplace.

This Safety Policy reflects our commitment, from all levels of managements, to provide the safest possible work environment for our employees and the public who might be directly or indirectly affected by our activities. This policy also identifies the responsibilities of the management and employees in establishing and maintaining a safe workplace.

Health, Safety & Environment Policy:

  • The Management is responsible for providing a workplace free of recognized hazards and supporting a Risk Management Program.
  • The Management is responsible for putting in place risk control measures to prevent any adverse impact to the environment in conducting its daily activities.
  • The Management is responsible for the development and training of the safety rules, safe operating procedures and regulations pertaining to its activities to all employees.
  • The Management is responsible for providing adequate and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • The Supervisor must ensure that all employees follow the company’s Health, Safety & Environment rules and procedures and support the accident prevention program established by the Management.
  • The Supervisor must assist the Management in the training and retraining of employees.
  • All employees are responsible for knowing and following all safety rules and participating in the safety program development and implementation.
  • All employees are responsible for attending safety training programs and supporting the accident prevention program established by the Management.