Manogran P. Arumugam

Group Operations Director

Manogran P. Arumugam is currently the Group Operations Director of the SOL Group of companies. Manogran P. Arumugam began his career in 1978 with Western Offshore Drilling Company, where he was employed in various drilling operation positions. In 1980, he left Western Offshore Drilling Company and joined Ocean Drilling & Exploration Company, where he was also employed in various drilling operations positions. He subsequently joined Gissco Sdn Bhd as a consultant in 1981 and was promoted to Sales and Marketing Manager in 1982, where his responsibilities were to build the company to be a major oilfield equipment and services company. In 1985, he joined Delcom Services Sdn Bhd as a Branch Manager and was responsible for its East Malaysia and Brunei operations. He was promoted to Marketing Manager in 1987 and subsequently, Vice President in 1995. In 1998, he left Delcom Services and joined Tenaris Inc as a General Manager of Sales Asia Pacific. In 2004, he joined UMW Oil and Gas as General Manager of their Drilling division. Subsequently, in 2005, he joined Kejuruteraan Samudra Timur as General Manager of Marketing and Sales, where he was in charge of drilling rig services, tubular running services and oil field fishing equipment and services.

Manogran P. Arumugam left Kejuruteraan Samudra Timur in March 2006 and co-founded the SOL Group in the same year.  He has over 36 years of oil and gas industry experience, primarily in the areas of oilfield drilling and exploration. As a Group Operations Director of the SOL Group of companies, he oversees the operations of the SOL Group, particularly with respect to marketing, sales and deployment of equipment and personnel at customer sites.

Manogran is currently a Director of Color Ocean Energy and Solidgro.

He graduated with a SPM (Malaysian certificate of education) from Seri Sentosa High School in 1977.