As at the Prospectus Date, the Board comprises:

Francesco (Frank) Licciardello

Non-Executive Chairman

Frank Licciardello has extensive experience in general business management and the corporate finance sector.

Khen Peng Wee

Group Managing Director & CEO

Khen Peng Wee is currently the Group Managing Director & CEO of the SOL Group companies…

Manogran P. Arumugam

Group Operations Director

Manogran P. Arumugam is currently the Director & Chief Operating Officer of the SOL Group of companies…

Han Bee Tung

Group Finance Director

Han Bee Tung is the SOL Group’s finance director and was appointed as a director in 2006…

Craig Sanford

Non-Executive Director

Craig Sanford is a practising corporate lawyer with over 23 years of legal, corporate and commercial experience…